4 weeks


and the news from the treehouse…


cora is 4 weeks old

IMG_1420 IMG_1412IMG_1351

samuel lost a tooth

IMG_1366 and i bought a shed load of chocolate to help!



a new post

so, i’m just going to gloss over the long gap between the last post and this one…

there are many reasons why i don’t blog regularly any more, the main one being time, but also in this gap there’s been a lot of feeling rough due to pregnancy, and needing to trim life down to the bare essentials just to keep family life going.

having said that, there’s been a lot of lovely family life happening and lots of crafty bits being made and there should be a new arrival with us in about 4 weeks, news of which i will share here.

for now, i thought i’d post pictures of a beautiful shawl i’ve just finished for the baby to be wrapped in and for me to wear afterwards.  the pattern is Bridgewater by Jared Flood of Brooklyn Tweed. the yarn is BC Garn baby alpaca lace.  all details can be found on my ravelry project page.

DSC_0002 DSC_0003 DSC_0005 (1) DSC_0008

a finished quilt!

a long time ago i joined a quilt-along being run by jen and melanie.


for various reasons it came to an end a little early but i carried on sewing blocks, assembling the back, sandwiching, quilting and finally binding.


today i finished it!


it has been thoroughly enjoyable and has given me an excuse to use some of my favourite fabrics in a project that was just for me.  it’s the biggest quilt i’ve made to date (to be honest i don’t think anything larger would go under my machine!) and measures 200x150cm



so thank you jen and melanie for giving me the push and the inspiration for this. i’m incredibly pleased with it and can’t wait to get onto another one!


nearly new year!

well, we had a lovely christmas here in the treehouse and now i’m quite ready to tidy up, pack away, clean and get back to normal!

i’m itching to get back to some quality crafting for meeee instead of the crazy targets i set myself for sewing and knitting to sell in the last few months (a few items are 20-25% discounted in my shop!).  i’m looking forward to a few stats and some number crunching on my year in knitting terms and some finishes on some long-languishing unfinished projects.  i also want to re-discover my first crafty pass time – cross stitch.

in other news, i will continue to transcribe my grandpa’s diary (i’m a few days behind due to christmas) here and i’m very excited to have found out about this fabulous company.  i have yet to try the product (it’s ordered but not dispatched) but the ethics and structure of the company are incredible. it’s how business should be.

oh, and i’ve had my hair cut. short.