giveaway (not mine!)

awesome giveaway at – you could win one of her amazing and beautiful nativity sets!!! Go and see and enter!  but not if it means you win and I don’t 😉



a six year old’s take on poverty

recently i’ve come across tweets and blog posts from someone i recognised from uni but it’s his 6 year old son, Joel who’s currently doing something really brilliant.  read about it here or search for #TeamJoel on twitter.  it’ll make you smile.

made-it market 2011

i’m in luck!  someone has dropped out of the made-it market in two weeks time, and the table has been offered to meeeeeee!

so if you’re in cambridge or fancy a visit – it’s a beautiful city! – on the 26th november, then drop into the guildhall, off the market square and say hi.  there are going to be loads of other, really talented, vendors – go here to have a preview.

don’t forget – only a day left to enter the giveaway in the previous post! comments close at 10pm wednesday 16th.

stretched thin. a quote

“There is no way out. We were born into the fight. Every noble pursuit will cost you: justice, wisdom, strength, marriage, children — you will pay for these with your breath, your tears, your blood, even your life. We’re all in this together — fighting to make sense of the madness, to make our lives count. All of us are on a journey of desire. Longing, yearning, hoping, dreaming for a better day. But these dreams of ours are held in tension by the obstacles between where we are and where we hope to be. We are suspended in mid-air like a still life, a photograph. Frame by frame, we live our lives, forever stuck in the ether of the frozen now. Frame by frame we are frozen in the present between yesterday and tomorrow. Frame by frame we step forward towards the infinite unknown that only tomorrow can bring.”  Jon Foreman, read the full article here