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100 sales!

I just hit 100 sales on etsy!

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all 9 cat lives well lived

IMG_1151 IMG_1142 IMG_1148our beautiful cat went to sleep on sunday after 14 years, 12 of them with me. it was a very sad afternoon after a lovely weekend celebrating samuel’s birthday and cora’s dedication. she’d been poorly for a couple of weeks and we couldn’t keep her alive any longer – she was clearly suffering and fading anyway.¬† so it ended as it began, just her and me. the drive to the vet was horrible, but i got to tell her all the things i wanted to.¬† she deteriorated further at the vet and as i stroked and whispered to her, tears streaming down my face, she was almost gone by the time she was put to sleep anyway.¬† walking away from her body after it had gone cold and still was so so sad.¬† i never knew how much pets can become part of who you are and how strange it is when they are gone. she is very much missed but i am so grateful she found me and for all the years we had. x

skirt ahoy

finally. i am wearing something other than jeans!  i made myself a miette skirt Рby tilly and the buttons again Рrecently and i LOVE it.

made from a lovely mid weight denim from plush addict with contrast pocket linings and waistband facings in a bright kokka linen print. definitely going to make another the same and then out of a different fabric sometime.

apologies for lack of links and only brief details but not a great deal of time to spare these days!

the easter egg dress


same pattern as before – Coco by Tilly and the buttons (links in prev post). sewn on my new overlocker, which was marvellous.

fabric Рloop backed sweatshirting from ebay, cost £14.50 in total! also teeny tiny ric rac from paper and string (link in sidebar) 30p per m. slight stretch in the fabric but good structure, so really suits the dress length.

GIANT POCKETS!!! were my addition¬† i fancied something a bit different on something so plain, so i added the optional neckline and cuffs in the pattern and cut out some sloped giant pockets, handstitched the ric rac and voila. giant pocket dress for collecting eater eggs and what not.¬† it’s super cosy and apart from possibly looking like a choir robe (?) i am pretty pleased.

some spring sewing

thanks to the great british sewing bee, i am sewing again!¬† and this time it’s actual proper clothes…



DSCN0179pattern: coco by tilly and the buttons, who if you didn’t know, was a contestant on last year’s sewing bee. I LOVED sewing it. so much that I have fabric for at least 3 more.¬† it’s easy to follow, there’s an excellent online visual guide, i found it simple to adapt to my body shape, and she offers lots of tips on sewing stretch fabrics too. The tiny dress on cora was my own quick sketch-out based on the shape of the coco and her measurements.

fabrics: the stripy jersey is from ray stitch, mice jersey from kitschy coo and gold ponte roma from plush addict, altthough guthrie and ghani also stock it.  i forgot to prewash the stripes and i have lost a few inches on the length now, but i carefully washed and pressed the rest after that!

sewing details: i made the tiny dress first, which was a great chance to practice new techniques before committing to them on the big garments.¬† i did all the sewing on my normal machine using a jersey needle and the walking foot (oh my word, how did i not know about this thing before?! it looks like a monster but it makes my sewing great!¬† SOOOOO should have used it on all the quilting i’ve ever done!)¬† i used the stretch stitch for the seams and i top stitched in single row of stitching for the stripes and with a twin jersey needle for the mice.¬† I think i need to fiddle a bit more with the tension for twin needle sewing as i’m not convinced i got the optimum end result, but i don’t think anyone else would notice! there’s a tutorial for the colour block method on tilly’s blog. I just drew the seam line where i wanted it on the pattern and sliced away being careful to add seam allowances.¬† pattern matching? get in. totally matched those lovely stripes apart from a bit under one arm where it’s off by half a stripe. what would may and patrick say?!

verdict: very happy! off to learn how to use my new overlocker and cut pieces for a lemon yellow one, a sausage dog one and an awesome multicoloured one with external seams (well, it looks awesome in my head). then on to skirts and tops and and and…..