all 9 cat lives well lived

IMG_1151 IMG_1142 IMG_1148our beautiful cat went to sleep on sunday after 14 years, 12 of them with me. it was a very sad afternoon after a lovely weekend celebrating samuel’s birthday and cora’s dedication. she’d been poorly for a couple of weeks and we couldn’t keep her alive any longer – she was clearly suffering and fading anyway.  so it ended as it began, just her and me. the drive to the vet was horrible, but i got to tell her all the things i wanted to.  she deteriorated further at the vet and as i stroked and whispered to her, tears streaming down my face, she was almost gone by the time she was put to sleep anyway.  walking away from her body after it had gone cold and still was so so sad.  i never knew how much pets can become part of who you are and how strange it is when they are gone. she is very much missed but i am so grateful she found me and for all the years we had. x


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