nearly new year!

well, we had a lovely christmas here in the treehouse and now i’m quite ready to tidy up, pack away, clean and get back to normal!

i’m itching to get back to some quality crafting for meeee instead of the crazy targets i set myself for sewing and knitting to sell in the last few months (a few items are 20-25% discounted in my shop!).  i’m looking forward to a few stats and some number crunching on my year in knitting terms and some finishes on some long-languishing unfinished projects.  i also want to re-discover my first crafty pass time – cross stitch.

in other news, i will continue to transcribe my grandpa’s diary (i’m a few days behind due to christmas) here and i’m very excited to have found out about this fabulous company.  i have yet to try the product (it’s ordered but not dispatched) but the ethics and structure of the company are incredible. it’s how business should be.

oh, and i’ve had my hair cut. short.



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