2011 – the year in knits

i’m probably the last person to still be writing round-ups of last year when this yar is now over a month in!  i don’t even think this is of much interest to anyone, but i like recording all my years knitting in one place, so i’m still going to do it (but i’m not putting links in – if you want directions to the patterns – mostly not mine, please ask or search the ravelry databases)!

the first finish was a pair of ‘garter stripe’ cashmere socks (yarn:Skein Queen Opulent in regency blue) for the baby i was growing:

then a third vest for milly the miniature dachshund (yarn: Skein Queen Desire in primavera)

also before i gave birth, there was a pair of ‘cloud nine’ socks (by Debbie Orr) for my mum (yarn: Skein Queen Plushness in delft)

and a pocket for my sister’s DS in Debbie Bliss baby cashmerino – no photo though.

i didn’t quite get the wonderful ‘textured shawl’ finished before Eli arrived, but it was done before all the cold weather went (yarn: Skein Queen Desire in paint the town red)

after that i whizzed up a cup cozy – also in Desire yarn – for Phil’s dad’s birthday

and got to work on a tank top for Eli (SQ Desire again, in heathcliff)

i finished an ‘Olearia’ shrug for my niece’s birthday (yarn: Skein Queen Splendid in grace)

and worked on my own design for another jumper for Eli, again in SQ Desire

the ‘Delicato’ mitts came out well with Skein Queen Sumptuous cashmere yarn held double

and the ‘sweetheart mitts’ in SQ Opulent in spring green went to a lovely friend

the ‘lenora’ shawl was just for me (yarn: Skein Queen Opulent in countess and thistle)

and then i finally finished an intricate pair of ‘Botanical socks’ for another dear friend (yarn: Skein Queen Exquisite in Peacock)

i made a spectacularly too-small-even-for-eli hat for grace with some leftovers

and then began to work on knits to sell – two or three ‘Milo’ vests and about 8 or 9 pairs of booties (all lisenced patterns or my own work), along with a final jumper for milly.

Grace got a winter cardigan – the long sleeve version of the Olearia (yarn Skein Queen Exquisite in fairytale daydream)

heading into christmas i cast off on ‘snowflake catcher’ mittens for my sister and ‘knotty’ gloves for my sister in law – in SQ Desire and Mini Mochi yarns respectively. and a replacement pair of cuffs in Debbie Bliss Como for me.

oh, and a finger-warmer for my sister!  her broken finger got really painful in the cold so i made it a little cosy out of cashmere to wear inside a mitten!

phew!  and that’s why i love this exercise. i feel truly productive and really fortunate to be able to spend time on a hobby that i love, and that’s only counting the knits… there were also playmats, patchwork, baby bibs, christmas decorations, bunting, bunting and more bunting. and the complete wonder of a new Janome sewing machine right at the end of the year.

for this year i aim to finish some of the knits that got sidelined last year – mostly ones that were for me.  i’ve just cast off another pair of the wonderful ‘cloud nine’ socks for my mum and will get phil’s cousin’s bridal shrug done asap, but after that it’s back to my ‘stripe study shawl’ in SQ blush and splendid, and my ‘winter thaw’ in SQ enchanting lace.

i also managed to be incredibly lucky, thanks to a tip off via twitter, and catch the end of a Wollmeise shop update, where i purchased a skein of her highly sought after yarn.  i then swapped one of my stash skeins with someone on ravelry for a second Wollmeise skein, and i have a beautiful pair waiting for the right pattern.

it’s going to be a good year for crafting!



3 thoughts on “2011 – the year in knits

  1. wow it’s all very lovely. maybe you’ll make something for me one of these days…..wishful thinking!!! 😉 xx

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