another year, another round-up

so long 2011.

for our little family quite a bit happened last year. amongst other things i birthed a beautiful baby boy, our bigger boy started pre-school, both grandmas went to be with Jesus, we decorated, i lost over a stone of baby weight, i had my most successful craft sales season to date, we had to control our finances more than ever, i found out what it’s like to sew on a new machine, the baby grew 8 teeth, learned to sit, stand, crawl and cruise round the furniture, i added new recipes to the regular repertoire, we’ve had some lovely breaks with family, we bought a ‘new’ car, our house was insulated, we saw switchfoot – world class rock and roll just down the road, we celebrated a wedding and mourned a divorce amongst close friends, one of us turned 3, i’ve knitted and sewn, taught and written, we settled into being a family of four, and it feels great.

looking back always makes me look a bit more closely at the now, and i realised i have seen far too many of my best friends move away and i miss them very very dearly.  they’re the people who you can just pick up where you left off whether it’s been a week or a year since you spoke last, but that doesn’t mean the gaps aren’t a little empty.  but looking at the now always makes me grateful for what i have.  i don’t want to go on and on about it, but i do know that i have been richly blessed in both material things and (more importantly) in people who love and support me.  i was catching up with a friend today and the number of times i talked about the kindness of our families; the support they give us, the wise advice, the listening ears, the unconditional love and great company… well, it made me think about how fortunate we are to be part of it all.

over christmas we saw my grandad.  he’s quite muddled and confused sometimes due to dementia, but the two things that seem to remain firm are his faith in God and his love for his family.  x

[some recent photos follow in no particular order…]

walked into the room and found him ‘reading’ calvin and hobbes

the first christmas present...


... and escaping!

no need to get the builders round any more!

always smiling

a rare moment of sharing!

our elf


2 thoughts on “another year, another round-up

  1. What a lovely post – and what wonderful photos. A special year by all accounts for you. It reminds me that we usually find joy in our sorrow, and sorrow in our joy. I wonder what 2012 will bring for your family. This year we enjoyed your little green Christmas tree decoration that I won in your give away – thank you x

  2. Fantastic blog post once again. I so value being able to read about you guys and see precious pictures! How fast they grow up and how fast our lives move on and change. But some things don’t, as you say, faith in God, family and friends – so important. A reminder that 2012 needs to be a time to invest even more into those three critical elements of life, thanks you xxx

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