the christmas letter (written by phil)

2011: the 60 second update

This year seems to have flown by faster than any other. Eli is, unbelievably, nearly 11 months old now and utterly delightful. He is crawling, feeding himself, has eight teeth and zero words, though he loves to babble (and occasionally shriek at excessively high pitch and volume). Samuel is three and a half: imaginative, affectionate and lots of fun, though like all three year olds he has a strong dislike for lack of attention and having to do things he doesn’t want to…

Anna does a wonderful job of looking after them both, even if she doesn’t always realise it. She still does the odd bit of supply teaching, some personal tuition and on top of it all makes beautiful handcrafted things (though again, I’m not sure she really recognises how good she is). Many of the things she makes can be found in her online shop at

Phil continues to work for Allia where he is chief operating officer and attempting to save the world through social investment. This year he helped issue £1.8 million of bonds, has had coffee twice in the House of Lords (their cups are far too small) and is now working on creating some new social investment products and raising lots more money. Though work and family leave little energy or mental space for much else, he’s also done the odd bit of preaching, writing and photography.

With much love and blessings for Christmas and the year ahead.

Phil, Anna, Samuel and Eli


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