giveaway winners!

so i thought about using a random number generator, but i prefer the old fashioned pieces-of-paper-i- a-hat method, so everyone got a scrap of paper with their name on for every comment, blog or tweet. there were 16 in total!  thank you to everyone who entered (i had secret fears of no-one entering!) i feel sad that i can’t give everyone something, but here goes…the scraps went into a basket, got a good shake around, and then i gave the basket to the most undiscriminating of our household…

the scrap he pulled out and held onto (without eating) the longest would be the winner…and it is

pomona!!!  congratultions!  i’ll be in touch about claiming your prize.

however, it had all been such fun and over so quickly i let eli have another fish around in the basket for some runners up…

knititall, second chance tan and bombella! i’d love to send you one of my little felt decorations so i’ll be in touch to arrange that.

thanks again everyone who entered or said how lovely my shop was, i do appreciate it very much.


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