yesterday a parcel arrived from amazon for samuel. he had saved up for it with his own pennies and he was VERY excited about it.
it all started because he came home from pre-school talking about a toy they had and how he wanted one. i sad we couldn’t just buy every toy he wanted as they cost a lot of pennies. he suggested he threw away some of his other toys so he could have new ones. a good, logical proposal, but not very realistic as when we began to talk this through. he does love giraffy and bear and his face filled with horror as i suggested removing them from his bed. so we decided he could save up his own pennies for it.

we counted some he already had and we drew round them and coloured them in. then i drew some more to show the ones he still needed and we kept it all in an envelope marked ‘samuel’s gruffalo pennies’.

now you can guess what came in the post!


in other news eli has a fifth tooth!


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