the busy life of a three year old

we’re well into the swing of things now.

as you might be able to tell from samuel’s new visual calendar he’s at preschool monday, tueday and wednesday mornings, music group thursday and swimming on friday.  he’s tired but loving it and that’s quite enough for a poor exhausted mummy who today had to add ‘going into the pool for the baby-swim session’ to her duties!

last weekend samuel had his first birthday party to go to.  it was fancy dress!  i love a good fancy dress party, so i was well up for making a costume but was also glad it wasn’t hard and came easily from bits and pieces around the house:

the weekend before we got up early and went for an adventure at woburn safari park.

samuel had a fantastic day, in fact we all did. i highly recommend it, although probably not so much to do in poorer weather.

this is eli at 8 months, although he’s now fast heading for 9!  where the time’s gone i’m not sure.  eli continues to enjoy everything except cutting teeth and being out of sight of a parent. aww.

i’ve done some supply teaching this week and have managed to cut out countless felt shapes for Christmas decorations, as well as getting some new bunting underway alongside the Christmas bunting!  i’m knitting away on too many bits and pieces but still couldn’t resist casting on this colour combination just for me:

all in all, we’re BUSY, tired (par for the course) but very well, happy and keeping the old treehouse ship on an even keel (just about).  i feel very fortunate at the moment and wouldn’t swap any of this for anything.

we do laugh a lot!

now, off to the controversial tesco express in the village as we’re totally out of milk and bread!


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