ah, now this is what i was imagining… samuel at preschool, eli asleep, me: ignoring all the housework and other work i’m meant to be doing.

so here’s some of the knitting i’ve been doing.

first a pair of socks for dawn, who recently was awarded a well deserved phd.  this is the botanical socks pattern by debbie orr knit in her own hand dyed exquisite yarn in ‘peacock’.  i confess i found the pattern difficult to process at first as it was a 28 row repeat! but after a while i spotted the patterns in it and it was much more enjoyable after that and i’m really very pleased with how it came out.

next, a shawl for me.

it’s a complete luxury.  knit in opulent cashmere, it is the lenora pattern by paulina popoilek. you knit the long border first and then decrease to fill the rest of the semi circle.

i used a colour for the main part of the shawl that i’ve been saving for something special and i’m in two minds about it… i love how it’s knit up, and it matches the purple border really well, but the combination is a bit too purple for me really, and also it only used one of the two skeins that i had, and i really hoped to maximise the use of them.  so i think i’ll see how much i wear it over the winter and if it’s not used enough, the beauty of knitted fabric is that you can usually un-knit it and use the yarn again!

now, if you’re my brother, or his wife or daughter… look away now!  this one’s for grace and it’s a surprise!  but i’m fairly sure they don’t read the blog, so i’m ok to share it here.

a poppy hat, with the leftover yarn from her cardigan a few months back.  i’ve got another olearia cardigan on the needles for her as well in the most gorgeous yarn and it’s knitting up beautifully!

then i made a few things to sell, which are now in my shop.  a couple of tank tops, and some baby shoes.

also in the shop are some new button necklaces and soon i hope there’ll be sock monkeys, heatable wheatbags and then some christmas bunting. do pop over and have a look.

lastly, a non-knitted craft… samuel has a playmat.

he never uses it.

it came about because he was always rolling around on the mat i made for eli. i was hoping that i could say to samuel that the mat was eli’s space, and he could have the rest of the room, and that would keep eli from being bundled or jumped on or otherwise squished. but that wasn’t working. so  i thought if i made samuel a mat, he might feel that he had his own special space to play and leave eli alone more. not so. but it doesn’t make me any less proud of whipping up a patchwork quilted playmat in under a week!  it’s bigger than eli’s and features some lovely makower fabric that i mostly bought last year.  i felt extra virtuous as all the fabric came from my stash and yet it all matched perfectly.  i did some maths and some measuring and used every scrap of the clouds, the last of the stripes and the beach hut interior (left over from the bathroom curtains).  it’s quilted very simply just to hold it together really, but it’s backed with cheap ikea fleece so it doesn’t matter how much it gets dragged around the floor.

i love it, and i hope that as he gets older and wants to make dens and hidey holes, he’ll use it more, but for now i’ll just be secretly proud of making it!


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