keep me

last night, as i was giving samuel his goodnight cuddles, he told me he’d like to keep me!  it was just one of those moments i wanted to rewind, and then bottle.  in his own little 3-year-old-boy way, he was telling me how much he loved me and it was so precious.  i love goodnight cuddles with the boys.  no matter what has happened in the day, whether i’ve done my job well or not so well, how much i’ve needed to discipline him, whatever’s coming tomorrow, those moments close off the day with love, reassurance, and everything being restored to rights again ready for a fresh start in the morning.  it’s a reflection of the way things work with God.  His mercy is new every morning, each day a fully resourced fresh start, and each night we can sort out the trials of the day, letting them rest with him.


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