more time in september? hardly.

i thought that, when routine returned and samuel was at pre-school a bit, i might have more time to post here, to keep family and friends in the loop about our little goings on, and to share photos of the boys as they grow so fast.  but no, september has turned out to be busier than ever!  we have preschool twice a week, a music group and a swimming lesson and that’s without factoring in a supermarket shop, meeting friends and my work commitments.  and get this.  yesterday i phoned schools to look round for samuel to start next year!!  life rattles on at an alarming pace and i just hope i pause often enough to enjoy it.  so forgive me if my entries here are sporadic at best.  i do love to document life for my own re-reading, but it might be a bit haphazard, with multiple posts one day, and then none for ages!  we’ll see how it goes!

for now, one boy is asleep, one is reading books so i’ve got time to chatter about, um…

we’ve decorated some parts of downstairs and re-arranged furniture, which of course meant a trip to ikea, a car full of flat-pack and a load of cardboard boxes.  we found a use for them in the garden!

an ikea-box house

also, what do you do when your three year old asks you (totally at random) for a knitted mouse?  well, what kind of knitter would i be if i didn’t rise to the challenge?

which brings me nicely to my love of the iphone/ipod app instagram. it means you can turn little camera-phone-snaps into arty photos that capture moments beautifully.  i’ve been playing around with it quite a lot and even tranferred some of phil’s photos onto my ipod just so that i can instagram them.

another plus is that you can tweet them straight away, so if you follow me on twitter you’ve probably seen some of these, but here’s just a selection from the last few months. x


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