the last month

somewhat of a lapse in blog content, for which i apologise. here’s a whistle-stop journey through some of the things we’ve been up to, in no particular order…

today we went to the town and country show in the centre of the city. samuel loved seeing the old steam tractors and rode on a miniature steam train that had only just been lovingly restored by its owners. we also enjoyed seeing the animals, from massive work horses to tiny mini ponies, ducks, rabbits, sheep, birds of prey and terriers. i’m sure one was a baby Jackson (my sister’s patterdale). on the way home we stopped at the sorting office to collect my parcel… no surprise really, it was YARN!

we spent the last bank holiday weekend figuring out what to do after our car broke down; whether to fix it, at significant cost, or replace it.  i remember saying to God ‘you knew this was coming, now how are you going to provide for our need?!’ which sounds demanding and presumptous, but we didn’t have the savings to buy any kind of new car, let alone one that would be a sensible purchase at our stage of family life.  we  believe that God always meets all our needs as we trust in him, certainly our experiences in all areas of life live up to that.  He knows we need a car that will transport us all and our stuff safely and we feel incredibly blessed with how it all turned out.  thanks to some generous family members (who were not asked for money) we now have a beautiful 4 year old citroen c4 grand picasso, which neatly (and a little embarrasingly) joined the neighbourhood fleet last weekend…

ours is the one in the middle.  totally the colour i would have chosen if i’d had the pick of several, and it drives beautifully.  i hope we’ll be able to pass on some of the blessing we feel we’ve received by giving people lifts and help with it.

bbc’s springwatch this year is being much enjoyed and i was inspired to clean and re-stock the bird feeders i was given for Christmas.  we now have niger seeds, sunflower seed hearts, a seed mix, peanuts, mealworms and fat balls.  this weekend we’ve kept a more careful watch for different species and so far seen blue tits, great tits, house sparrows, juvenile robins (photo below), possibly a jackdaw, blackbirds and woodpigeons.

about a month ago, samuel turned 3.  he had a lovely day, meeting a friend at a soft-play group and opening gifts throughout the day.

he’s not a fan of cake, so we had birthday jelly!

eli’s big news, is being allowed to use the door bouncer.  a big success straight away!

we’ve also been out in the garden a lot…

(having a tea party with his toys.  a shuttlecock, some grass and some daisies provided the crockery and food)



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