last of the updates… the knitting (and a bit of cute baby)

since eli was born, i’ve been able to sneak in a surprising number of rows of knitting in odd moments here and there, so that there is enough to warrant a blog post of its own!

this is another of the tank tops i knit for sale, only this one’s for eli.  i made modifications just in the patterning on the yoke, to keep things interesting.  he’s been wearing it a bit, although not so much in the warm weather we’ve been having, but i’ve been really pleased with it.

pattern: milo by georgie hallam  ::  yarn: desire in ‘heathcliff’ by skein queen

next, a bolero style cardigan for grace’s first birthday.

same combination of designer and dyer actually, but different pattern and yarn.  it was the first time i’d used this yarn base and the first time i’d knit this pattern.  i loved both and was really pleased with the garment.  as i was using a finer yarn than required in the pattern i went down a needle size and knitted the age size up.  i think it fits ok, but another time i’d knit two sizes up to be safer.

pattern: olearia by georgie hallam  ::  yarn: splendid in ‘grace’ custom dyed by skein queen

at the same time, i was working on a design of my own.  a combination of finding the square neckline on the ‘milo’ a little feminine, and the gorgeous v-neck tank top that debbie sent me, set me thinking that i could knit one from the bottom up myself.

i also wanted to use the odds and ends i had leftover from all the projects i’ve made with the ‘desire’ yarn but stripes right next to each other wasn’t working.  the answer came when i spotted this ‘bitter chocolate colourway in the skein queen shop one evening.

i’m really pleased with how it all came together and i hope that eli will get lots of wear from it in the autumn.  i may even make a bigger one for samuel…!

a now almost-finished project is a pair of extra long hand warmers for my mum.

the photos can’t possibly show off the delicate colours that blend together throughout them.  so although the general impression is grey, they’re actually a mix of all sorts of pale shades, perfectly set off by the cashmere.  it’s a laceweight yarn, but i’ve held two strands together throughout and worked extra repeats for length as mum wanted them long both at wrist and finger ends.  another enjoyable combination of yarn and pattern.

pattern: delicato by anne hanson  ::  yarn: sumptuous in ‘arctic light’ by skein queen

i’ve had a couple of cast-on sessions.  one with my new all-american yarn, brooklyn tweed’s ‘shelter

i began making it into a shawl, but i couldn’t knit for all the shouting the yarn was doing.  clearly it was not keen on becoming a shawl and made it clear it was meant to be a blanket, so i ripped out the shawl start and cast on 250 stitches for a big blanket.  just need to sneak a massive repeat yarn order past phil now in order to complete it!

there’s also the beginning of a pair of socks for a friend:

and another jumper for milly!  the 4th and last for a while, just waiting for a fitting before i work the leg holes and middle part.

so i think that rounds up the knitting progress, and brings you up to date with most of the recent events here in the little treehouse (except the lurgies we have, but no-one wants to hear about that).  instead i can leave you with a few extra cute pictures of eli.  pictures of yarn are nice, but who can resist snapping shots of a gorgeous gurgling boy i ask you?!


4 thoughts on “last of the updates… the knitting (and a bit of cute baby)

  1. What a sweet smile! And I am amazed at how much knitting you have got done – you put me to shame and I don’t have the excuse of small children!

    Pomona x

  2. Eli is extra cute!! Lovely to see the Olearia after we had talked about it – looks gorgeous! And the mitts are beautiful – actually it all is. Especially loved it when you said “I’ve had a couple of cast-on sessions” 🙂

  3. Love!! And of course I have a soft spot for gorgeous, gurgling boys. Mine have given up gurgling and are in the midst of chortling over much less cute bodily functions. Something for you to look forward to! 🙂

  4. Loved spending time looking through your recent posts. Your family are gorgeous. Can’t wait to see you in July. First hug with Eli – can’t wait!

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