first of a few updates… the holiday

A few weeks ago we all went on holiday with my side of the family.  we had great weather and a lovely week, although it was rather tiring on the whole!  however, we had fantastic meals cooked for us, and plenty of other people to cuddle eli when he was crying, so we really can’t complain!

it wasn’t samuel’s first time at the beach, but it was the first time we’d really stopped to do beachy things. the sun was out, the sand was warm…

but the sea was not.  luckily i came prepared…

… note the footwear!

samuel had a wonderful time finding out about sand

and i quickly dashed into the nearby bucket and spade shop to purchase the necessary, along with a packet of those traditional flags, so that he could make proper sandcastles with grandma.

happy as a sandboy

it was lovely to spend some time with family that we see much less than we’d like, and to get to know our niece/cousin grace.

some nice walks were had with our canine buddy, jackson.

and the young were instructed in the age-old pastime of throwing-stones-into-the-sea

no we didn’t throw grace in!

the cousins chilled out at the park

then the adults had a turn

although hide and seek’s not really your game LJ… i can see you.

a lovely week with lovely people. what more could you ask.

and in case you’re getting deja vu, spot the difference with last year


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