knitting blog parts 6 and 7

day 6: Something to aspire to: Is there a pattern or skill that you don’t yet feel ready to tackle but which you hope to (or think you can only dream of) tackling in the future, near or distant?

i had a think about this and decided that skills don’t really faze me – i reckon if i have a decent set of instructions or a well written pattern i can learn to do pretty much anything.  there are also lovely people over on ravelry who have helped me out in the past with technical questions, so i know i can always ask around there.

i think the thing i aspire to, because i currently wouldn’t cast it on, i alluded to in the first post – a knitted blanket.  the sheer time and dedication such a project would require daunts me still, but one day i hope to look forward to knitting long relaxing rows with a gorgeous yarn, which will produce a large snugglable item at the end.

i also aspire to making a cardigan or sweater.  i need to have regular ‘finishes’ to feel like i’m making progress, so i currently stick to smaller projects, and i am a bit worried about spending all that time on something that might not suit or fit me in the end.  i do have a pattern in mind and have the yarn to make it, so maybe this will be the Year of the Sweater for me after all!

speaking of regular finishes, i’m going to do tomorrow’s post today, because life is unpredictable, and i’d like to feel i finished this set of posts!

day 7: Your knitting and crochet time: Write about your typical crafting time.

ha ha ha. currently my ‘typcial’ crafting time is stolen minutes here and there!  before eli was born i was beginning to be able to get the sewing machine out for a week at a time and guarantee that i would be crafting every day, making stuff for the home or building up stock for the little treehouse shop.  i also used to knit every afternoon or evening in my ‘free’ time!  those times will come round again and i certainly don’t wish for them instead of having my lovely baby, but sometimes, just sometimes, i wish for a few more minutes to myself, maybe to straighten my hair, or knit, or sleep!


3 thoughts on “knitting blog parts 6 and 7

  1. I know exactly what you mean about proper big knitted blankets! Thanks for the encouragement with colour work 🙂

  2. Hey missus!
    Is your knitting time improving yet? I never have time to do as much crafting as I think I will and I don’t know how you manage with your gorgeous boys (all 3!!) to cater for too!! Just me to worry about here and I’m rubbish at making the time!
    Lots of love as always

  3. I tend to feel like you with regard to “skills” as long as fingers are involved. But my sewing machine is an entirely different matter. I feel about it much as I would feel about a wild horse. Beautiful to look at, great to imagine having control of, but once I put my hands on it…well, all bets are off. That’s my goal for this year — to learn to use my fabulous sewing machine. But I’m afraid that’s a 2 parter with “find time to take a sewing class” tacked on. Thanks so much for the tip on Yancey. I hadn’t heard about that one, and am off to download it now. 🙂

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