knitting blog part 3

am i organised? i don’t know.

i have yarn stashed in labelled boxes,

but it doesn’t all fit, so there’s also a bag with the extras in

in addition there’s a drawer with random patterns, yarn and miscellaneous items,

but it also contains a self-made needle organiser which i’m pretty pleased with!

i’ve got a shelf with patterns and books, and my knitting basket itself, probably the most disorganised part!

you might also find the odd skein or pattern lying around because i’m thinking of using it and the ideas are coming together in my head as i look at/stroke/read it!


One thought on “knitting blog part 3

  1. Ooh! I am so impressed with the labeled boxes!!! Oddly, I’m an organizational nightmare, but I’m drawn to others who seem to have it all together — and are able to find it when they need it! If you should ever find yourself overcome by the urge to straighten, label and otherwise organize something (or someone) and happen to be in Birmingham at the time, please feel free to stop in. 🙂

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