Grandma Joan

Ecclesiastes 3

A Time for Everything

1 There is a time for everything,
and a season for every activity under the heavens:

2 a time to be born and a time to die,

one weekend in our family was for someone coming into this world and the next was for someone else passing on from it.

almost a week after she knew about her new great-grandson, my grandma joan passed away.  a small heart attack weakened her heart on saturday and it gave up on sunday, a quick, peaceful end after 91 years here.  a woman of great faith her whole life, we all know she is now with Jesus.

we will miss her, but as requested by her, we will wear bright colours to her funeral to celebrate her life and rejoice in all that she was to us; wife of one, mother of three, grandmother of seven and great-grandmother of three.

Grandma called me ‘anna, dear’.  she played endless games of rummy, backgammon, snap, yahtzee, scrabble, amongst others with us all and she taught me to knit several times!  she and grandad were the buyers of ice-cream on all our family holidays but unable to walk very far for many years, i often used to keep her company in the car while everyone else walked around yet another lake!  she employed me as their cleaner when i needed extra cash as a teenager, and wrote to me almost weekly for the 4 years i was at university, often enclosing a little ‘extra’ to help out with life’s expenses.  i remember her bright pink medication, which she called ‘grandma’s nasties’, so that as a small child i wouldn’t be tempted to try it.  i remember the awful time her electric scooter tipped over on a day out, and the fear that she was hurt.  i remember how she would clean and vacuum before i came to visit, but i would still sneeze constantly because of the cat! but most of all i remember someone who has been involved in my whole life and who loved me very much, for which i am very glad.  wise and supportive, always willing to listen and be interested in whatever piece of news i had, she made me want to make her proud.  thank you Grandma, for everything. x


One thought on “Grandma Joan

  1. Hi Anna
    I’m Mary Marfleet’s daughter – our grandfathers (Peter and David) are brothers, so I guess that makes us second cousins 🙂 Mum showed me a link to your blog, so I thought I’d drop by and say hello and let you know I’ll be thinking of you tomorrow at your grandma’s funeral. I loved reading your blog entry about her, and I hope it can be a day to celebrate happy memories of a wonderful lady. I have met your grandfather a couple of times in recent years (“Uncle David” to us) – a lovely man too! Anway, nice to ‘meet you’ and congrats on the new baby too! Sarah x

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