a 2010 round-up after all

so, i’m still here with a huge, enormous, uncomfortable bump.  phil and samuel are out for the morning and i intend to write this, make flapjack and do the washing up before they get home.  we’ll see how many of those happen!

i decided i did feel like looking back over 2010 a bit as it’s been a good year in a lot of ways.  2 main things have dominated the year though – moving house and being pregnant.  both a bit stressful!  the former began last january with valuations and estate agents and culminated in us finally feeling at home in the new house a month or so ago.  the latter began in the spring and is about to end within a week or so i hope!  it hasn’t been much fun for any of us as i don’t do pregnancy very well.  i know we’re very fortunate to be able to have children and i don’t take it for granted at all.  it’s also a blessing that medically, i seem to be ok at pregnancy and birth.  it’s just been the sickness, tiredness and emotional hormonal rollercoaster that have weighed us down a bit for 9 months.  still, along with all that, we’ve enjoyed so many bits of family life, our work and our hobbies and appreciate the wonderful people who have been part of our lives this year.

while the nausea was at its worst i didn’t knit or sew a stitch for several months, but i enjoyed rounding up the year in knits last january, so i thought i’d do it again!  in addition to the knitting i’ve also sewn vast amounts of bunting, wheatbags, christmas decorations, as well as a few doorstops and pincushions, and made brooches and necklaces from my new button collection.  some of these are still in my shop, but i’ll be closing it for a while once the baby arrives!

so here goes (be patient with the photos, there are a few, and they’re reasonable size files):

a 'struan' hat for my brother (although it's me wearing it!)

the first 'milo' baby vest, which went to Grace when she was born.

and matching booties

a vest for sale, since i bought a licence from the author

a 'multnomah' shawl for my grandma

the 'feather duster' shawl knitted as part of the ravelympics

another vest for sale

and another. although i've reclaimed this one as a possible garment for the new baby!

'snowflake catcher' mittens for me

and using the same pattern but no colourwork, some for my mum

the first dog vest for milly

a cashmere 'milk infant top' cardigan for the baby

a 'tea mitten' tea cosy for my dad

a 'daybreak' shawl for me

a second vest for milly

a 'wisp' scarf for my sister

wristwarmers for me, from 'purls of wisdom' - a knitting book phil bought me for my birthday

'garter stripe' baby socks to match the cardigan, technically finished in 2011, but i'm sneaking them in here anyway!

also, with missing photographic evidence, there was another vest in yellow for sale, some squares for a group blanket for the skein queen, a hat for samuel and a small shoulder shawl for phil’s mum.  not a bad year, given i had a few months out, and i tried new things like using laceweight silk and making a full size shawl!

most of the yarn i used was from skein queen and i’ve tried to name as many patterns as i can – the only one i can take credit for is the dog vest!  if you’re a knitter and want more details try searching my projects on ravelry or drop me a comment.

my current projects are thankfully keeping the insanity (mostly) away as i wait for Birth Day; another vest for milly, a pair of ‘cloud 9’ socks for my mum and a ‘celes’ lacework stole.  i’m hoping i’ll have time to finish the first two before my knitting time disappears into thin air for a few months, and the stole was always going to be a long term project anyway.

i’m unlikely to write here again until there’s some baby news, as nothing else exciting is happening!  so until then, take care. x


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