my own elf

things have been crafty-crazy round here for the last 2 weeks.  to the point where at 3am this morning i was sewing the final few felt trees for a wholesale order from a local florists!  before you think i’m entirely mad, i did go to bed at normal time, but i woke and couldn’t get back to sleep.  a few slices of toast, some biscuits and a bit of sewing was the answer, although i couldn’t help feeling like a part in the story about the elves and the shoemaker; in the evening before bed, the shoemaker lays out all the pieces for a pair of shoes to stitch together in the morning, but during the night two elves come and do the work for him.  in the same way, i’d left my felt pieces, buttons and thread out on a tray, but sadly i had to be my own elf, stitching away the small hours!

the ‘made-it market’ on saturday was a lovely day.  i had loads of stock in the end and practiced setting out my stall on friday night so that i could do it quickly on saturday morning.  this is the practice run:

and this is the real thing:

i sold enough to make it worthwhile, although a little bit more would have been nice, but i met some lovely sellers, like the lady behind me who makes her own lipbalms and the stall next to me with the most adorable crochet animals.  i also loved this stall and had to try very hard not to spend all my earnings here!  thanks to my parents for supporting us as we tried this sort of thing for the first time and thanks to the cutest helper ever too…

…who was fed with huge pieces of fruit by the people next door!

some of what i didn’t sell is now listed in the shop, but i’m not listing the wheatbags or the doorstops as the shipping costs on those would be crazy, and i like the mini rainbow bunting too much, so i’m keeping it!

in amongst all that, i finished milly’s second jumper, the baby playmat and a shawl i started back in april and have taken delivery of two gorgeous scarves.  toni at myporridge said she had some and loved them and i’ve been wondering about getting something large enough to keep the chills off myself and the baby when we’re feeding in midwinter temperatures.  so i bought a ‘regular’ in rose, just because i wanted it – i am wearing it now – warm, light and an easy accessory when so much else is getting uncomfortable, i love it.  i also bought a ‘big’ in rust, for the feeding, which should give us plenty of coverage and a bit of warmth too.  i doubt they’ll be my only purchases from there over time though!

so now it’s time to become a Christmas elf and get down to sorting out the final gifts for people, and maybe, just maybe i might get to knit something purely for myself…


2 thoughts on “my own elf

  1. The Elves and the Shoemaker is one of my favourite children’s stories! Unfortunately, like the Brownies, they never come and magically do my work during the night either 😦 Your stand looks amazing – so much temptation! Glad you enjoyed the experience.

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