good things

1. my new tablecloth. it’s a metre and a bit (i got lucky and received the end of the roll: 1m40 instead of the metre i ordered!).  no photos yet but you can see it in the shop here.

2. being crafty. i’m really enjoying knitting again and am making good progress with the dog jacket, the baby cardigan and a hat that i cast on for samuel.  this weekend i’ve also managed to go into mass production (for me that means ‘making more than one!) on heatable/coolable wheat bags.  the lavender’s giving me a headache – literally, but the bags are coming out nicely.  all except the one in the sparkly fabric… try microwaving it and you might have an accident on your hands!

3. ben and jerry’s phish food ice cream. the baby wants it.  what’s a girl to do?!

4. the following story.  today this is the best news of all…

i’ve been having increasingly bad pelvic and lower back pain, linked to the pregnancy.  i’ve started pilates, which should help a little, but some of the exercises are just impossible as i try to shift weight through my core muscles from one side to the other.  standing on one leg and lifting the other to put sock or trousers on was becoming tricky and washing my feet in the shower – impossible.  i’ve got 4 months to go so it has been concerning me that i’d got so immobile already.

this morning at church, the teaching was on whether it is reasonable to believe that miraculous healing can happen today.  the speaker was adrian holloway, and the talk can be heard here from tomorrow (scroll down to see the ‘teaching downloads’ box – bottom right).  i’m a Christian and i’ve always believed in supernatural healing, indeed i’ve experienced it twice in my own life and a number of times in friends’ lives already, so i didn’t need to be convinced that it does happen and is reasonable to believe in, based on the evidence.  what i hadn’t thought of, til today, was asking God about the pelvic pain!  a friend prayed for me that the pelvic pain would go in the name of Jesus.  within minutes, i could do what i have been unable to do for weeks.  i can stand on either leg, lift my feet up, even in heavy winter boots, twist, sit down, bend, the locked up feeling across my lower back, that i have had for months has gone!  it’s absolutely brilliant!  i keep standing on one leg just to check i still can!!  God is good and this testimony is to His love and care for me and the details of my life even though i’m just one person, doing not very much and not doing it terribly well!

on the radio this morning, there was news of a new book out about how it’s psychologically natural to believe in God but the author thinks that a higher god-like being is unlikely, or at least very distant.  i disagree.


One thought on “good things

  1. I love the simplicity! Strikes me it’s more difficult to try to believe that a higher being to believe in is unbelievably unlikely or unreachable, than it is to accept the simple testimony of someone who’s just had first-hand experience . . . even if they do stand on one leg occasionally.

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