hello from the New House

we’re in!

but as my mum said, if we tried to move everything back into the old house, it’d never fit!  i’m sure stuff was materialising out of the walls towards the end.

still, after a stressful week getting used to everything being new and everything else being in a box somewhere, we’re relaxing into our new home.  a number of people worked tirelessly to help us get to this point – you know who you are!! – and we owe them huge thanks.

i’ve treated us to a new cath kidston table cloth and place mats to make us smile in the morning, but that’ll be the end of the treats.  all other pennies are being sucked up by the new bills and the list of things that need replacing (lovely shower, shame about the screwdriver needed to turn it on and off.  that kind of thing)

scan went fine, baby is healthy and presumably happy!  samuel will be big brother to a little brother and some gorgeous blue cashmere is giving me great pleasure as it becomes a tiny boy’s first cardigan.

also on the knitting front, i have my most interesting commission yet – a sausage dog jacket!  milly the miniature dachshund requires a cosy jumper for winter and her owner tracked me down to make it for her!

house photos to follow soon i hope, just let me get a bit tidier 😉


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