the packing is endless

i really didn’t think we owned this much stuff.  i find it quite frustrating how much stuff i have when i do try not to horde or allow my materialistic side too much freedom.  it always annoys me when people on soaps move out with only one suitcase and a rucksack!  however, the legal people all assure us that completion is still going ahead on the 2nd.  so we’ve emptied our money boxes, done a deal on some furniture and booked a van!

i do feel a bit unsettled though.  when we started this process, i was so keen to find a new house that i was excited about moving into, so that i wouldn’t be so sad about leaving the old one.  i was realistic enough to know that we’d have to make compromises, but we really have been blessed with an amazing house and i am really really looking forward to going.  i am still quite sad about leaving the old house, but more than that, i think i’m just unsettled.  i think it’s less about the bricks and mortar, than it is about a sense of ‘home’, the taking apart of one home and the uprooting of all that is familiar, and then the work that needs to go into making the new place have the same secure, feeling of belonging for us all.  also we have our 20 week scan on the 3rd, which i’m trying not to think about – we’d like to ‘find out’ what we’re having, but i need to be prepared that they might not be able to see, and obviously the point of the scan is to look for abnormalities and check stuff, so there’s that to try not to worry about too.

i’ve got to laugh at myself though, with all this to do and think about, what did i spend the last 2 afternoons doing?  jam.  blackberry and apple jam.  thanks to a recipe in ‘country living’ i realised what i should do with the glut of blackberries in the freezer!  i raided the apple tree in the garden, went to the supermarket and bought basic lemon curd (why?  it costs 22p per jar, and i needed jars!  i have a bin full of lemon curd!) and sugar, and got cooking 🙂

i’d love to have a nice arty photo to show it off with here, but hey, i have packing to do!


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