upping sticks

i suppose i shouldn’t really confess – i should just glide seamlessly on, as if such clever word play happens in my brain everyday, but i have to say it, i love the title of this entry!

firstly, i have literally picked up sticks; my knitting needles, and i am slowly re-finding my way.  i’m not helped by old projects that i feel i should finish before starting new stuff, but i don’t want them to languish 80% done forever, so the cashmere baby cardigan will have to wait!

in the other application of the phrase, we are finally moving house!  we should exchange contracts this week and have a completion date of sept 2nd.  our farewell to the little tree house is imminent and an incredible amount needs to be packed into boxes and bags and trundled round the corner.  however, the future looks exciting as we move to a proper family home, still in our lovely village and hopefully get tidy and sorted out in time for the next family member to arrive in the new year.  the name ‘little tree house’ has stuck, so it will come with us.  i think it will now always apply to wherever my family and i live, and as such i have had lovely little business cards printed by the friendly people at moo.com. so that i can be a little more professional when i sell stuff i’ve made.

the only other news round here is that i’m hungry as a horse and that samuel is now potty trained while awake!  i’m still a bit nervous about taking him out without a nappy on, but so far, so good!


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