is anyone still out there?!

well, it’s been a long silence here on the blog. was it because…

a) my blogging mojo got stolen.

b) my house is such a mess i couldn’t find the computer.

c) some other more plausible reason.

if you answered a, b, or c, you’d be a bit right.  hang around for a little longer and i’ll explain…

in my absence, my lovely husband has started his own blog.  so yesterday as i was enjoying my dinner, thinking about how amazing it was that i was eating veggies i’d grown from seed (please understand i have NO gardening abilities so it’s a miracle anything grew at all and the harvesting was an emergency measure… either i ate them now, or the insects ate them!), and pondering how much more thankful i felt about them than ones i’d bought in a shop, and how i felt like having my own harvest festival right there and then, and how that train of thought would make a good blog post… when i realised that phil’s last post was on thankfulness and i may as well just link to that and save all the writing.

then i realised that his post before that explains why i’ve had such a long absence.

darn blogmojo thief.

so anyway, maybe phil has pinched all the good topics and writes stuff better than me, but i don’t mind coz he’s quite nice really.  maybe my house is a total mess, but i don’t care coz we’re moving soon.  maybe there was some other reason why i couldn’t think straight, focus on anything and had to live like a hermit for 8 weeks, but it’s a good one and i’m starting to feel better at last 🙂

so anyway, head over here for the articulate posts and a picture and i’ll come back with more waffle and some samuel stuff sometime soon. x


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