holiday days

before i get into the holiday stories, you should know that samuel has decreed this week to be ‘drum week’.  sufficed to say, it’s noisy in the tree house.

over easter we went away with the rest of my crazy family.  we headed down to a lovely converted barn just outside dover where 8 adults, one child and one dog could spend a relaxing week.

it was cold.

sunny.  but cold.

we still went to the beach.  we always do!

i’m only surprised no-one went in swimming.  no, wait…

not swimming exactly, but

oh yes, we went paddling.

well why not?!

my sister and i  headed off to the sea.  want to know how cold it was?

not that cold at all!

actually, yes, quite cold

ok, flipping freezing.  retreat! retreat!

another day we went to dover castle

here we are standing getting ready to do the hokey cokey

and now playing ‘put the dog on stuff’

to be fair, jackson is The Most Adorable Dog In The World and we loved borrowing him  (he belongs to my sister and her husband).  he came with us most places and loved every minute of it.

here’s me wishing he wouldn’t take my ‘rocket dog’ shoes so seriously.

we had a lovely week.  for samuel, plenty of doting relatives.  for his parents, plenty of relaxation, good food, wine, weather and most of all good knitting company!

Ok, so if you really want to know, i did get loads of knitting done too:


4 thoughts on “holiday days

  1. Must have been loads of fun for Samuel, having all those doting adults to amuse him. Glad you had such a good time. It’s still freezing up here, and I don’t like it !

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