and now the news

we’re moving!

today we had an offer accepted on a house just round the corner from where we are now.  it means we can stay in the same village, we’ll have plenty of space, we can have a dishwasher and a breadmaker, we’ll have a loft for junk, we can have guests to stay, and i might even be able to negotiate some craft space..!

the story gets better.  we’d wanted this house back at easter time and made three successively increasing offers up to our limit.  all were declined and we had to let go of the idea of such a seemingly ideal house, all the while trusting that God had something good up his sleeve even though we couldn’t see it.  there was just nothing else on the market.  last saturday we saw a house in a neighbouring village.  it had great spaces, but it had been badly renovated, it wasn’t our village, and we increasingly got an unsettling ‘bad’ feeling about it.  we intended to ring the agents on tuesday to let them know it wasn’t for us.  they rang us first.  taking a deep breath and trying to work out how to articulate why the house didn’t feel right, phil was most surprised to hear the agent talking about an entirely different house – the one we had made offers on.  the vendors were willing to accept our top offer if we still wanted it!

we are only at the start of the moving process and plenty can still go wrong, but at this point it feels right to acknowledge God’s goodness to us in bringing us this far.

other things going on here are not much sleeping and lots of work.  to explain, phil’s not sleeping well and it’s not much fun for any of us.  i’m doing a bit more supply work, loads of tuition, some writing for a deadline tomorrow, which i have managed to extend to Monday (still tight!), trying to fit in some craft where possible and looking after samuel full time! it’s a bit crazy round these parts right now!

i’ve sold my first knitted item at the market and have two more now for sale (one below) – to be listed in the etsy shop soon.  the pattern is ‘milo’ by georgie hallam, and the yarn is desire by skein queen

having got my yarn-buying impulses under control through lent, i have found they have only shifted – to fabric.  i have the desire to make quilts.  lots and lots of quilts and i am captivated by the fabric in anna maria horner‘s collections.  i am seriously wondering whether to bite the bullet, pay the import taxes and order a whole load from the USA. or should i keep my money for moving vans and ikea furniture? i hate that you can only spend money once!

back soon with photos from our easter holiday near dover…



2 thoughts on “and now the news

  1. I’m very glad to hear you’ve had an offer accepted on a house you like. And so close too! Here’s hoping the process goes through with no snags and you’ll be in your new home in no time.

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