in view of the fact i’m not posting much at the moment, i thought i’d make an effort today and say something even thought there’s not much to say, and i really should do the washing up.
so i thought i’d show you the view from the computer today and see what it tells you about life in the littletreehouse (it’s back to front, as i used the webcam-photo-thing that takes mirror images!)

you can see:
a sleeping cat, now much better and not limping 🙂
open tin foil on the table, which held my lunch – left-over homemade pizza
a scruffy sofa with bouncy ball one end, knitting the other end and rather too many soft toys lounging around
the light is on – it’s grey and rainy here today 😦
scarves over the back of the chair – we needed them again this morning
cleaning products on the table – a necessity round here!
a tiny easter basket on the table too. samuel and i enjoyed some easter crafts from a tesco book yesterday afternoon, although i suspect i enjoyed them most. lots of colourful press-out pieces for only a couple of pounds.
new yellow yarn on the unit at the back. very sunny and smile inducing.

you can’t see:
the dresser with my easter themed deorations.

so i turned the computer round and took a photo…

PS: this post was written yesterday but wouldn’t upload, so technically, it should be titled ‘yesterday’. ah well.


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