saturday’s sad discovery… our cat is limping badly and yelping when she moves around. emergency appointments cost £100 so we’re going to have to wait until monday.
saturday’s exciting purchase… a new imac! check out the silly pictures we’ve taken with it..

i should justify that this is not a luxury purchase. our little old computer broke last weekend and now we are broke too 🙂 but we have oh such a beautiful imac, so we are determined to enjoy the heck out if it after spending so much of our emergency fund!
saturday’s hurrah… a haircut and colour for me! at last! i have been hating my boring hair for so long, that i decided that if i felt better about what i saw in the mirror every day, we’d all be a lot happier. it’s working so far!

2 thoughts on “saturday

  1. You can’t go wrong with an Imac! They are the most wonderful computers and a joy to work with.

    Enchant is lovely to knit with – I will be looking to buy some again, but being a bit slow off the mark, I often miss out on the Skein Queen shop updates!

    Pomona x

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