hello. sorry for another fairly long silence. i’d blame it on the laryngitis but i don’t think that really works with blogging! i don’t even really have anything interesting to say now that i come to post, but samuel is now fast heading towards being 2 and therefore picking up new words every day, becoming clearer about his wants and needing more and more opportunity to run off his energy. last week was half term and lots of my tuition pupils took the week off, which gave us a fairly blank diary. we ended up shopping for new toys, playing with new toys, going to the zoo, riding the toddle truck (with bear. blanket was in the cubby-hole under the seat!), chasing bubbles, going to a soft-play group, learning to go up and down the slide independently, and many other things besides. it was a good week in all, and now it’s back to normal routine for us. the final photo here is of the shawl i’ve made my grandma for her 90th birthday next week. happy birthday grandma!


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  1. It’s a beautiful shawl – I love the colours! I saw your last year’s knits post – I really like the heart mitts and the long mitts – did you make up the patterns or perhaps you could direct me to where I could find them? Thank you!

    Pomona x

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