for sale

it is with sadness that i write that the little tree house is now On The Market.
i love our house. it is beautiful. it is decorated just how we like it. we chose our kitchen just how we wanted it. our son was born here. we are happy here. but it is small. and we need somewhere bigger. or a magic potion to enlarge the house. unfortunately the little tree house is not up the magic faraway tree so getting hold of that potion could be tricky.

it is with pleasure however, that i write that the little tree house is now Open For Business. and by that i mean that my etsy shop has stock! this ( will take you to my shopfront on etsy. so far i’ve put some pincushions and some bunting in, but i hope to add fabric bags, baby bibs, more bunting and some baby knitwear by the weekend, with sock monkeys, knitted and felt decorations and other bits later in the year. i hereby cut the virtual ribbon and invite you all in for a browse and some virtual cake.


3 thoughts on “for sale

  1. So sad that you have to leave your little house. I hope you find a new, bigger one to love as much.
    Fab new Etsy shop. Best of luck with it.

  2. Tried to buy a pincushion (for barbara who would LOVE it) but it wouldn’t let me add it to my cart. Got an account ‘n everything! Am I being particularly silly?

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