dressing up

there’s a brilliant competition here, to do with wearing as many hand-knitted items as possible to keep warm in this chilly weather. so i thought i’d have a go! here’s the evidence of me (and a little help from samuel) in as many items as i could reasonably wear (ie: only one of each type of item).

i was obviously let down by my lack of knitted jumper/cardigan or hat – issues i must recitify! but the hats i have made so far have gone to other people, and the sweater on the needles is only collar sized, so couldn’t really count! however, the list of worn items is as follows (the link are ravelry links, as requested by the competition originator, so unless you have a rav account, you won’t be able to use them). i expect many a knitter will surpass this quantity quite easily, but it was fun being so cosy for a while 🙂

cowl (pretty thing)
scarf (my own design)
shawl (damson)
wristwarmers (own design – no project page – made before i joined ravelry from yarn left over from this)
mittens (snowflake catchers)
socks (cloud nine)
samuel’s hat and mitts (striped hat by debbie bliss, mittens: my own design)

(we had a photo-losing issue with the full length pic, so just to prove the socks were really there…

… and no, i don’t normally wear ankle swingers like that. if i’d left my flares as they were, you’d have seen nothing of the socks!)

so if you’re cold this week, go and find all the wooly items you own, and wear them. it’s very snuggly!


One thought on “dressing up

  1. Oh I love your handknitted selection; The Yarn Harlott, SkeinQueen, Ysolda and Alabamawhirly are some of my favourite designers/knitters and it’s great to see all their designs together.

    Your PANTS t-shirt is wondrous too, and I think it is genius to include young Samuel and his knitted finery in the photo! Top marks for ingenuity!

    …thanks for entering the Snowcase Contest! Winner announced on 10th February… unless we get another deluge of Snow between now and then.

    x Felix

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