Grandpa Jack

today would have been the 97th birthday of my grandpa jack, who died on tuesday.

registered blind and almost deaf, he still lived a quiet life with my grandma in the house where they raised their family. born in 1913, he experienced both world wars, serving in the navy in the second on the HMS ramilles; the target ship for the bismark to take down, while allied forces made their attack on the enemy boat. he played the organ, violin and cello and he would demonstrate for us grandchildren with a little persuasion! not owning a car, he walked everywhere or used public transport. they knew their neighbours and attended the same church for decades. he would always be smartly dressed, with waistcoat and jacket, even indoors wearing his carpet slippers. small, wiry and always with a knowing nod, did the washing up in the middle of dinner, washed his hair with boiled up stinging nettles and ate the red bit from edam cheese. husband of one, father of two, grandfather of 5 and great grandfather of 2, he will be missed.


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