2009 in knits

my gallery of finished knitted items from 2009…

tank top for samuel (now way too small!)

super chunky scarf for me

long mitts for my sister

rainbow mitts for my mum
cashmere scarf for me

cashmere scarf for carol-in-canada (hope it’s keeping you warm carol!)

swallowtail shawl for me

rainbow hat for sister-in-law

two pairs of cloud 9 socks, blue for my mum, purple for phil’s mum

ipod pocket for phil

two pairs of wristwarmers for lovely ladies

ruffles scarf for dawn

damson shawl for my mum

hat and mittens for samuel

mittens for me

two pairs of cashmere heart glovelets, blue for my mum and purple for phil’s mum (i did finish them, but forgot to take a photo!)

knitted Christmas decorations

neckwarmer for phil

bamboo neckwarmer
cashmere/merino neckwarmer for phil’s dad (i made a second one for lydia, but forgot to photograph it!)

a cashmere neckwarmer for me

i also knitted a few little bears for sale, two pairs of children’s mittens as gifts and a small shawl for me of which i can’t find a photo – oops.

if you’re a knitter and want links to any of the patterns, just leave me a comment and i’ll get back to you. it was just going to be too time consuming to link everything!

so far in 2010 i’ve already cast on a hat, 2 shawls, a hooded scarf, a pair of socks and have plans for a sweater, a curly angora scarf, a lace stole, another neckwarmer, a baby vest, baby stuff for an expected niece/nephew, and more socks and mittens. i also hope to finish some of the things i cast on but abandoned last year; a cardigan, a large lace shawl and a scarf. also, very excitingly, i’ve joined my very first yarn club! it’s been a busy week of 2010 already!


5 thoughts on “2009 in knits

  1. You knit so beautifully! I love them all. You need to do more for yourself! Pot calling the kettle black there though! Ooh it’s all so scrummy!

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