rounding up

lots of blogs i read have had at least one post recently where the author has done a sort of round up of the past year. i’m not really sure i’ve got a great deal to round from 2009 though, unless i counted up how many nappies i’ve changed, how much washing up i’ve done or how much sleep i misssed! however, of all the round-ups i’ve read, two things have made me want to have a go. firstly, due to the fact i read a lot of craftspeople’s blogs, there have been many a ‘this-is-what-i-made-in-2009’ post (here are a couple i really enjoyed; bellsknits and attic24 – scroll down and soak up all her 3: the home review, the floral review and the crochet review), so i’m hoping to put my gallery of productivity up for perusal this week.
the second was the lovely lady headstrong, who noticed that we’ve had a whole decade of this millenium and reviewed that instead. i’ve since thought a lot about my life in the last decade. i wasn’t sure whether to splurge it all here, but i think i might… i began 2000 at a new years eve party at my church, with friends i’d grown up with, my family and kermit the frog (he was a rucksack, not the real one). i was a student, single, living in a shared house, dancing, rowing up and down the cam more times than i like to think about, being teased for having an entire cupboard devoted to chocolate and for having head-to-toe waterproofs for cycling around in bad weather (at least i stayed dry.) i had loads of leisure time even though i thought i was busy. i didn’t know phil, or 2 of the 4 girls who’d be my bridesmaids several years on. since then i’ve gained a BEd, qualified as a teacher, got a diploma in Christian theology, worked in a library, a shoe shop and 2 schools. i’ve had tons of fun with the kids i’ve taught and even though they’ve sent me mad, i feel privileged to have been part of their education and to have made a difference to them. i was lucky enough to work next door to the amazing Miss G which made those years the most fun you can have in teaching. i danced for the photoshoot for a band’s album artwork and appeared in some of their backing visuals at gigs, dancing live at one. i stewarded many summer festivals and gigs. i’ve been to corfu, aberdeen, edinburgh, bath, the costwolds, dorset, the peak district, the lake district and the isle of wight. i’ve seen mamma mia and guys and dolls in the west end. i shared a house with some great friends, got adopted by a cat and watched friend after best friend leave the city we’d all studied together in. i was bridesmaid for my sister and then my brother, and between those two weddings i got married myself. we’ve bought a house, owned a morris minor, and become parents. i said goodbye to my favourite band and i learned to knit!
some things however, have been constant, i have a wonderful family and friends who, no matter how far away and infrequently we meet, are still there. i still teach and probably always will. i still have a designated section of the house for chocolate. i still have good waterproofs (who likes getting wet?!). i’m still involved in a great church and most importantly, i know how faithful God has been all those years.


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