recent times

there’s been much going on here recently but not so much time to write about it. however, a few minutes have presented themselves so i thought i’d take them.

we’ve been getting Christmassy with some Christmas music, some lights, sparkly bits

and a santa hat.


one of us has been rocking out at the hammersmith apollo one last time and since then mourning the loss of her favourite band. for 17 years their songs were, as they once put it themselves, ‘a soundtrack to life’ and it was strange to watch their final moments on stage while thinking about all the dozens of times i’d seen them play in so many different venues, from wembley, to the tiny camden underworld, remembering why different songs were important to me and who they link me to, and recalling the starstruck times while working at the soul survivor summer festival that i got to steward a gig in the pit, and therefore got to enjoy it from just a metre or so away, and the other time i had to ask the people inside a caravan to move their car… discovering, as i stuck my head round the door, that it was the d:boys themselves and i wasn’t just wearing one band t-shirt, oh no, that would be 2.
it was a brilliant night, all the better for sharing it with some special people, although tinged with sadness, and we’ll just have to get used to this time of year without the annual Christmas gig from now on.

on the crafty side of things, the bunting i made for a country market customer went down well. it was from ikea fabric and i’d cut it to make sure there were animals on most pennants. i was quite sad to part with it, but i’ll hopefully make more in the new year. the panda bear came out ok too and was purchased happily.

all my gift knitting is now done so i’m free to work on whatever i like! with a little help, (and a few hints about swifts and ball winders!) i wound these ‘winter apple’ laceweight silk/cashmere skeins from skein queen.

after searching for the perfect pattern and not finding it, i decided to have a go at designing, so i’ve cast on and am making it up as i go! i know what i want to achieve, but whether i get there is a whole other matter.

i was able to soak up some inspiration last saturday at the cambridge handm@de event, where i bought some lovely lovely things. a few christmassy decorations and a beautiful button bracelet, which i will photograph and post. it’s a very cheering bracelet, as not only does it look gorgeous, it is well made and the perfect size for my wrist. the shop is here – go enjoy!
i would recommend the handm@de events highly, the work is of a very high standard, and is a lovely mixture of professional artists and more local, small-scale craftspeople. my other favourite stall was number8glass – amazingly vibrant colours and great design. i wanted it all! i made do with a small tree decoration!

this may be it from me until the new year, but i’ll be back then with presents galore, as i’ll finally be able to show off some of my knitted and stitched projects which have been tucked away as gifts for months, but will be with their recipients by then! i don’t doubt there’ll be the odd picture of samuel being generally adorable too. now i just have to decide whether to get him a silly christmas costume or not….!

wishing a very happy Christmas to you and your loved ones, and thank you for stopping by the little tree house this year.


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