today i made mince pies from the homemade mincemeat samuel helped with (2 posts ago!). i also made jam tarts and an apple and blueberry pie from the pastry! there’s something about homemade pastry that makes me feel very accomplished – i’m not quite sure why, seeing as it’s so easy, but it’s certainly satisfying to have homemade yumminess to snack on or have for pudding.

in my bloggy absence, we’ve had a lovely long weekend in eastboune, which allowed for a trip to a yarn shop, (i’ll not bore you with endless photos of my gorgeous new yarns!) and a couple of craft fair/shops. happy me. i’ve also been doing a lot of making and, very excitingly, selling things! all my Christmas fabric bunting has sold, many felt decorations

went to individuals and a shop in eastbourne took the rest of what i had with me on wholesale. they also took a couple of sock monkeys, tote bags and everyday bunting on sale-or-return! i’m really keen to get my etsy shop open now, so that people who’ve bought once, have somewhere to return to, but there aren’t enough hours in the day! i am currently working on a couple of commissions from the country market: a string of bunting for a child’s bedroom and a knitted panda bear like this polar bear who sold the other week

robin and snowman (that less famous superhero double act…?) are also making appearances at the market.

i’m also getting on with more felt Christmas tree decorations to be done by wednesday-market-day. then there are some Christmas gifts on the needles, and my mittens (ravelry link to pattern. designer alabamawhirly is here) are still only singular!

so seeing as i have so much to be making, i’m going to stop prattling and leave you with a couple of pictures:
samuel helping my sister plant some tulips :: friends who patiently and smilingly got hijacked with book after book and presented with toy after toy :: the boy and his dad

P.S. a big thank you to everyone, friends, family and visitors who have taken the time to comment recently. i am still a bit of a techno-dunce and can’t work out whether i can reply to comments’ authors, but it has been really nice to hear from you all and i wanted to say cheers for dropping me a line šŸ™‚


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