hello at last!

these days i often realise that there’s one of those suspicious silences that means samuel could be eating cat food, pulling books off shelves or some other kind of mischief. sometimes he is indeed doing something like that, but quite often this is what i see…


last week phil had the honour of turning 30. it was a week day, so he went to work as normal (after opening a felt-tip adorned card from samuel and opening his pressi of 30 chocolate coins.) and meanwhile i beavered away at home making some 30-themed treats! there was a bag of 30 presents, of which we don’t have pictures, which is a shame, as samuel loved helping open them, and even better was the ‘ooooo’ noise he began to say as each one was unwrapped! then there was the cake. a malteser cake from nigella lawson’s FEAST book (one of my all time favourite cookbooks), but the maltesers were joined by 29 other decorative items on the top of the icing!

phil’s challenge was to identify them all! he did pretty well, only needing a hint on two of them and complete answer to one. if you have time to spare, click on the photo and see whether you can name all 30!

as well as cake to make, there was my sister’s idea of pizza with 30 toppings to assemble (i decided early on that homemade pizza was way beyond realistic!)

the toppings were: mozzarella, cheddar, ricotta, parmesan, red leicester, black olives, green olives, garlic, pesto, black pepper, salami, pepperoni, chicken, bacon, ham, beef tomato, cherry tomato, dried crushed chillies, oregano, basil, pineapple, sweetcorn, peas, mushroom, spinach, red pepper, yellow pepper, green pepper, red onion, white onion!

worryingly, his work gave him a massive badge saying ’30 today’ which i fear may make a re-appearance in a couple of months time for yours truly!

the postal strikes have been playing havoc with my yarn aquisition! but just on the day when i wasn’t expecting any post, some arrived!

lovely colour. probably destined for socks.

also arriving that day was a prize!!

as you can see from the little hand in the top right corner, it was tricky keeping everything in one place long enough to photograph it! to explain, for all you non-knitters, this is one of a pair of sock-blockers (once you’ve knitted socks, you wet them and put them on the sock blockers to help them settle into a good sock-like shape as they dry), designed and made by the talented alabamawhirly and won by me in a giveaway she ran a few weeks ago. her original post is here, and my entry comment is below the post, if you scroll down.
i was so excited to win, as i’ve wanted sock blockers for a while and i love that my grandparents helped me win them!

i also love my new buttons!

they originally came from canada (hi carol!!) to my mum, but she found them the other day and thought i might like to use them. i think i would! no idea what for yet, but aren’t they just lovely?!

here’s my latest finished item, a cashmere scarf for me! it’s so snuggly!

i’ve also managed to get samuel’s hat finished…

samuel’s surprisingly good about wearing it. this was a ‘samuel and daddy’ trip to the park. mummy stayed at home, knitting and watching tv! they always have a lovely time, and so do i!

can anyone else see the air guitar?

lastly, excitingly, and considerably not least, my brother phoned us the other week. wanted to speak to samuel. samuel had a mouth full of cauliflower cheese, so i took the call. little bro wanted to know whether samuel would like a Wells cousin. i passed the message on. samuel said no, but i think it’s a bit late now. i’ll talk him round by next may. congratulations guys! x


1 thought on “hello at last!

  1. Whoop Whoop! What great news all the way through – but esp about your bro! Must get to try and see you soon!!! Big hugs to all of youxxx

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