this autumn my grandparents celebrated 60 years of marriage.

it was a lovely gathering of their family. obviously there were people we wished were there, but who no longer are but daughters, sons in law/partners, grandchildren, grandchildren in law/partners, niece, nephew, great grandchild were all represented.

playing games with samuel is one of life’s great pleasures and makes up for the nights you don’t get enough sleep ( i finally got to bed at 1.30 this morning). it’s hard to type ‘samuel speak’. his little versions of real words are so cute, but not very scribable! so you’ll have to imagine a bit here, as he toddles out of the room saying ba-bye and heads off down the hall. he turns round and on his way back, quietly says ‘bvoo’ in the most un-sudden way, usually way before he appears, giggling round the corner! we of course find it completely funny, so we play boo; samuel style.

time as a little family is precious. this last weekend took us to anglesey abbey. it was a good autumn day, bright and blustery and we had a lovely walk round some of the gardens before having cake in the warmth of the tea rooms.

as we were headed to the tea rooms, we passed a horse chestnut tree that samuel and i had collected conkers from a few weeks ago. i thought to myself what a shame it was that all the conkers were now over. there’s just something really beautiful about a shiny conker, just out of its case.

as we walked on i saw the most amazing sight. the next tree hadn’t finished with its conkers at all, in fact almost the whole tree’s worth had been blown down overnight and bright shiny conkers were everywhere.

i couldn’t help myself, i collected as many as i could hold, hopping about between the cases like a little person whilst they continued to fall in the wind and bounce open on the grass.

yesterday i took samuel to post a couple of letters. he’s just got the hang of putting them in the box and we get to walk through crunchy leaves to get there! as we were there, an elderly couple approached holding hands, and of course stopped to chat to samuel. as we walked alongside them for a minute or two, the gentleman told me they’d been married 54 years. they have 4 children who are all in their 50s now and live in a variety of places across the globe. he very seriously told me to appreciate every minute i have with samuel, to look after him well, so that he would grow up and look after me. he asked me if i was married and told me children need their dads, even if it’s only a few minutes each morning and evening. he hated that some of his children were now divorced. he told me there’s nothing more important than family.

i hope phil and i are still holding hands as we walk in 50 years time.


One thought on “family

  1. Some lovely thoughts – I esp. like the top photo of your grandparents – reflects love and companionship. Do make the most of every minute when they are small – the elderly gentleman was right.

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