a trio of nice things

1. new furniture!

a few weeks ago we bought an old dresser from some people at phil’s offices. it was in a horrible state, with orangey varnish, gaffer tape marks, rusty golden handles, wobbly edging and damp stains. it’s not even a proper dresser – it’s a base of 2 cupboards and 2 drawers, with a shelving unit that’s been made to sit (unsecured!) on top. i was a bit embarrassed to have it in the house, but we knew we had plans for it! last weekend we started work. phil sanded the base, samuel and i went to homebase for paint and by the end of the day it had primer and a first coat of paint. this weekend i put the second coat on the base and today phil attached the new handles. we couldn’t be more pleased! it looks lovely! rustic and wonky, but clean, fresh and best of all cream coloured! the shelves will get their final coat next weekend i hope, and then the transformation will be complete.

2. new yarn!

this skein, called ‘winter sky’, will turn into socks for my mum if she likes the colour.

3. new coat!

i don’t have a picture of this yet, but yesterday i bought my winter coat. it’s just lovely, and cost half what i was prepared to pay for the right coat. a bright greeny teal colour, it’ll cheer me up on those dull winter days.

hope you’ve had a nice weekend too!


3 thoughts on “a trio of nice things

  1. FAB!!! Got really excited about the dresser – wish I could see the real thing!! Glad to hear you all being better and productive. Can’t wait for it to get cold so I can use my birthday present 😉 Much love xx

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