show and tell

exciting post arrived today…

it was my prize from that crafty fish :: hurrah!
so much cheery goodness!

there was a set of postcards, a handful of buttons, a curl of ribbon, a buttony badge and best of all, a felty, buttony, ribbony heart brooch. here it is close up

how lovely! thank you kirstyfish!

next to show is something of my own making. my First Sock…

ta da! my first ever handknit sock is finished and i’m really rather pleased! it’s pair has been cast on and is underway, so hopefully my mother-in-law will be able to keep her toes toasty come the colder weather.

i do confess, however to being in a bit of a crafting tiz. i’m starting both knitting and sewing projects left right and centre and having more ideas than i can cope with. ideas obviously lead to trips to fabric shops or internet suppliers and my poor bank balance sighs deeply and shakes its head. it knows i’ll never learn. of course the plan is to SELL some of these lovely things i’m halfway through making, and earn the money back. indeed i now have two internet shops, one here for selling in £ and one here for selling in US$. i’m not sure why i put the links in though, as both shops have sadly bare shelves! i’ve also been to see the ladies at the local country market and might be able to sell some things there. hopefully this weekend will see the ‘finished’ pile grow and the ‘in progress’ heap diminish as i’m heading over to my parents’ house while my dad comes here to help phil decorate the main room and the hall.

lastly for show and tell, is samuel’s new haircut! i don’t think i’ll be having a career in hairdressing but it’s my best effort so far.

and now it’s time to go!

p.s. go here :: totally the best shop i’ve come across for a while :: enjoy!


One thought on “show and tell

  1. Lucky you winning all those wonderful goodies!! I think being a creative person means that you will always be starting new projects before the old ones are finished.. I know I am and draws and bags full of unfinished projects are testimony to that.. have to keep the creative juices flowing though!! Well done on the socks… that’s something i’ve not had a g at yet.. now let me see.. hmmm.. next project???

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