our new water feature

subtitled ‘a day’s worth of free entertainment for little boys’

today we woke up to this scene outside our front door.

for those not familiar with our house, that’s the end of our path, we don’t have shiny pavements, we live nowhere near a watercourse, it had not rained and we do not have neighbours who wash their cars this early in the morning! this is what was happening:

yes, that’s pavement lifting up and water gushing out. it sounded like a lovely countryside stream, but on the scale of events in a village cul-de-sac it was a small disaster!

here’s the story…

yesterday afternoon i looked out of the kitchen window and noticed a wet patch on the pavement that looked like someone had spilled a drink.
it seemed to begin at a seam in the paving half way down a sloping bit so i vaguely wondered about water tables and tried to remember my gcse geography but soon forgot about it.
by bedtime, it was a larger wet patch, verging on a trickle, so we looked up the number for burst water mains, phoned it and got an answerphone saying they were only open in office hours.
this morning we had said new water feature and typical to village life, by about half 7 most of the neighbours were wandering up to have a look.
most of them had called the water board too.
we moved our car down the road, as they were obviously going to have to come and dig the pavement up in front of the car parking area.
pretty soon someone from the water company was touring the street with a loudspeaker announcing the impending lack of running water for 4 hours.

i filled as many jugs, jars and bottles as i could before they turned the water off and in true housewifey style i also put the washing machine on in the hope that it’d get through the cycle before then too!
then the excitement really started… a lorry turned up and a man put up yellow fencing.

more vans, men and a digger turned up and dug a huge hole.

i made them some tea and took out biscuits. it was the least i could do for the hours of entertainment they provided samuel.

they pumped out the water, fixed the pipe and towards the end of the afternoon a huge lorry with a grabber thingy arrived

and they filled the hole in again.

so that was today’s excitement : watching the water main get fixed, it all happened directly outside our front door (but not on our property, hurrah!) and samuel LOVED it!


3 thoughts on “our new water feature

  1. Water day for a daydream!
    Could have been a nightmare, though.
    Without the rescue party there
    Would have been too much H2O.

    What a terrible poem . . . but at least it rhymes.

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