walking around the corner

i’m sure samuel’s nearly cracked the walking thing. he’s so much more steady now (thank goodness) which means i can do other stuff than just prop him up all day. much relief at that! he cruises round the furniture and toddles off with his truck quite happily.

his favourite game now is once he’s gone as far as he can, to get on the front of his truck

and wait for one of us to give him a ride back to the start! hilarious.

it’s a busy life being one -and-a-bit. as well as walking, he’s hard at work growing teeth, bringing the total to 10. and (if you’ll excuse the unashamed pride with which i am about to write this) he can say 17 words as well as a host of animal noises! what’s that? you want to know the whole list? oh ok then, seeing as you’re making me tell you…

mumma, dadda, cat, rabbit, yeah, byebye, more, yum yum, hiya, fish, bear, ball, tractor, head, ear, broom broom, and wait for it… giraffe
we also get moo, grr, ee ee, sss, baabaa, maow, quack, cluck, zzz and a funny attempt at neighing

thank you for indulging me. in fairness, samuel’s not been the fastest to learn to sit, roll, crawl or walk, and i’m sure he isn’t the only one year old to speak, but as a teacher, it’s the development of his language and his aquisition of knowledge and understanding that i find so interesting and as his mummy, it makes me very excited!

with all these animal sounds accumulating, we thought a trip to the farm was in order to give them a proper useage!
here’s samuel trying to chat to chickens

and us watching the donkeys.

the most exciting things were undoubtedly the rabbits (insert lots of high pitched squealing from S) and the cows (a lot of mooing by the same). a lovely morning!


4 thoughts on “walking around the corner

  1. Your little boy looiks SO CUTE with his little trolley! I just love those walker trolleys and I’m pretty sure I haven’t thrown mine out – for purely sentimental reasons, mine haven’t needed them for quite some time now! Also, can I just say how nice for you to have a hubby who takes photos of the you and bubsy. I have to force mine. And if I didn’t, you’d look at our phot album and swear they were all being looked after by the Invisible Woman.

  2. thanks for the heads up on Jellybums — kids all speak at different times , my 2 yr old babbles constantly and is always surprising me , samuel looks so cute

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