afternoon adventure

this afternoon, when samuel woke up, it was necessary to get out for a bit. the two hours until tea time were going to stretch unless we did something. so we went to a local piece of countryside (the only hill for miles!), about 5 mins away by car with waterproofs, windmills, a pot of bubbles, a snack and a drink. i put samuel in the sling which we haven’t used since he was a small baby, but he seemed happy and we climed the little hill each holding a windmill and watching them spin madly. from the top we could see a father and daughter flying a big kite and could look out over the south of the city. we ate grapes, had a drink and i got the bubbles out. we watched the wind send them skittering away across the sky to our right. in that direction the sky was still blue, but the wind making our bubbles was also bringing rain from the left. it was the sort of rain you could see creeping across the landscape and as the first drops began to fall, we were heading back down the hill towards the car. getting into the car i recognised that lovely blustery, slightly damp feeling. you know the one where it was quite pleasant to have been out in the weather because it wasn’t for long and you’re warm and dry now, and going home.


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