where did july go?

i knew i hadn’t posted for a while, but wow, that’s july pretty much gone now.

since the last post, we’ve had another week away, this time staying with phil’s parents in eastbourne, so that we could get to the newfrontiers leadership conference in brighton. we went down a couple of days early so we could spend time seeing family and had a lovely trip to the beach – probably samuel’s first view of the sea. i’m not sure what he made of it, but he liked the breeze and the pebbles and the ice cream tastes! (linda, if you wouldn’t mind emailing me a couple of your photos from that outing, i can put them up here).

while it was hot, we well as wearing hats (see previous post), samuel cooled off in the tradtional manner…

i figured it was a compulsory part of childhood – being plonked in the washing bowl full of water, and a compulsory part of parenthood – to record the event with photographs for showing to prospective wife one day 🙂

we’ve also got new windows and doors here at the little tree house. they are lovely, much needed replacements which make the whole house feel cleaner and brighter, even though the panes themselves are as dirty as the old ones. must get round to cleaning them!

also brightening up the house have been my favourite cut flowers:

i LOVE gladioli, they’re so dramatic and beautiful and the colours are always so striking, even the pale ones.

on the knitting front, i can now reveal my mum’s birthday present:

(there ARE two of them, but it’s impossible to take a picture of both your hands)

i’ve also started my first ever pair of socks:

all going well so far! and this is the beginning of another scarf/shawl thing for me to wear with my as-yet-non-exsitent-but-i-like-to-dream-about-it new winter coat:

and lastly, i couldn’t resist the following little skein of silk in a sale at SQ:

willpower, where are you?!


One thought on “where did july go?

  1. Loving your blog. The photos are gorgeous – reminding me of when mine were tiny (once upon a time!) and yes, we have obligatory embarassing photos at the ready too.

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