it’s been hot…

…so we’ve been wearing hats…

and buying yarn, although that’s not so weather dependent. i seem unable to resist whatever the weather. here’s fairytale daydream:

and a purchase or two from the lovely enormous yarn store i visited in bristol :: a sock weight called ‘aslan’ and a lace weight called ‘little lovely’

i think the yarn buying will have to come to a stop for a while, as today we delivered our last papers. i’ve given up the round partly due to the heat and partly due to the increase in teaching that i’m doing. i’m pleased to stop now, i’ve done it long enough, but i will miss the pounds that i earned especially for luxuries. still, the yarn basket’s full to overflowing, and even with me knitting as fast as i can, it’s not like i’m going to run out anytime soon!

hope you’re enjoying the weekend.


One thought on “it’s been hot…

  1. Ooh, those yarns you’ve chosen are just gorgeous. I bet they make up into something lovely!

    I’m always happy when I have that little bit extra for spending on stuff, but you have to balance it with life demands.

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