odds and ends

an afternoon in the garden


in my spare time recently, i’ve been doing this:

it’s been nice to pick up a sewing needle again after so much knitting. having said that, the yarn mountain continues to grow. this weekend saw me in john lewis’ haberdashery dept buying cotton yarn for knitting motifs to go on the fronts of babygrows, and wool yarn for knitting teeny toys – all hopefully to join the bibs for sale on a stall sometime. i also took receipt of a kilo of undyed chunky wool last week for a little dyeing adventure!

i’ve skeined it off into 35 1oz skeins and am going to dye 5 in each rainbow colour using the american drink ‘kool aid’! the ones done so far are lovely. i’m afriad i’ve only mamnged to photograph the green one, which is by far the brightest!

the skeins will hopefully then become knitted squares, which in turn, will become a big blanket. here’s hoping!

well, i should be washing up instead of rambling on here. so here’s samuel helping me avoid another household chore…


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