feeling better

i think finally we’re all feeling better!
my blood tests came back normal, which got me down for a day or two, but is a good thing really. a key ‘feeling better’ thing was the first ‘mummy’s morning off’! last saturday, phil and samuel had a boys morning and i got to lie in, take a leisurely shower, knit, read, put my feet up, and generally not feel the responsibility for anything. it was WONDERFUL! i don’t plan to take every saturday morning off, but most saturdays, phil and samuel will have some father/son time and i will have me time. i think it’ll be good for everyone involved!

other blog-worthy events of late…
…we’ve lowered samuel’s mattress a bit, so that he doesn’t pull himself out of the cot! it’s funny seeing him lower down than normal!
…samuel has tooth no.5. no problems with this one coming through, thank goodness!
…we went to the bi-annual NCT sale last week and bought samuel some duplo and playmobil! he’s a bit young for it yet but there are some lovely animal figures, cars, and a whole duplo farm. quite a lot of stuff for less than £25.
…i stepped back into the classroom! i did an afternoon supply teaching in year 1 on tuesday. i was really quite nervous as i’ve not taught a class for over a year, but boy did i enjoy it!! it was quite amazing to feel like the ‘old’ pre-samuel ‘me’ and to do something that (if i say it myself) i’m really good at. obviously it was nothing like the work of a full time class teacher, (THAT, i wouldn’t enjoy so much) but to dabble at the chalk face, to chat with children, make them laugh and read them stories was delightful, and reminding myself of who i am (yes i AM a teacher through and through and i think i’ve finally acccepted that it’s part of who i am, whether i do it for a job or not – go on all you teachers who know me, laugh away!), was very uplifting.

lastly, ‘Has Science killed God?’ the debate is excellently presented by Andrew Wilson here. covering the views of Dawkins, Darwin, and other supporting academics, scientists and theologians, both historical and current, this is definitely a MUST LISTEN. even i understood it!


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